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Erica Newman

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Dr. Erica Newman (of Māori descent, iwi unknown) is a lecturer in Te Tumu: School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies at the University of Otago. She teaches introduction to Māori society, tikanga Māori and Indigenous Identity.

Her research interest is in the history of European influences on indigenous childcare practices and the effect this has had on identity. She is particularly interested in indigenous identity of those who have been adopted by non-indigenous people. She leads a Marsden project on the intergenerational impacts of transracial adoption in Aotearoa.

Erica’s PhD thesis looked at the colonial intervention of guardianship and adoption practices in Fiji during the colonial period of 1874 to 1970. Her MA thesis examined the formation of identity for Māori adoptees.

Erica is contributing research on tikanga, whānau and adoption to the Te Hau Kāinga project.


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