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‘A real war job at last'?

03 September, 2020 / Angela Wanhalla

Angela Wanhalla, one of the primary investigators of the Te Hau Kāinga project, gave a talk at the National Library on 2 September, 2020 on "'A real war job at...

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The Māori Conference of October 1944

22 August, 2020 / Lachy Paterson

In 18-20 October 1944, over 400 delegates from iwi across the country assembled together in the Ngati-Poneke Hall in Wellington.

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The Māori Hostel Movement

16 August, 2020 / Emma Campbell

During the Second World War, many young Māori moved to cities from largely rural areas to work in essential industries.

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Summer Scholarships 2020

11 August, 2020 / Maori Home Front

Are you a Māori university student? Would you like to a do a research project over summer – and get paid for it?  The Te Hau Kāinga: Māori Home Front...

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Mere Nūtana and the Tāmaki Māori Women’s Welfare League

10 July, 2020 / Angela Wanhalla

Numerous Māori-led organisations were established during the war years. These groups often combined patriotic and fund-raising activities with political advocacy and cultural performance.

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The Bay of Islands Epidemic of 1941

06 June, 2020 / Lachy Paterson

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has been described, perhaps accurately, as a one-in-100 years event, but New Zealand has a number of “scares” and lockdowns because of infectious diseases during its...

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Māori and the Home Guard: ‘tribal leadership (consistent with military efficiency)’

02 June, 2020 / Ross Webb

That Māori served overseas in a separate unit, the 28th Maori Battalion, is relatively well known.

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Ngata 1943

Ngata’s defeat in the 1943 election

23 May, 2020 / Lachy Paterson

The 1943 election was significant for two related reasons for Māori. First, it was the fulfilment of T. W.

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‘Paikea’s Men’: Mobilising the Māori War Effort

11 May, 2020 / Angela Wanhalla

In a piece for Auckland Museum to mark Anzac Day 2020, historian Aroha Harris reflected on the long history of Māori mobilisation during war and peacetime.

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Māori Women in the Armed Forces

18 April, 2020 / Angela Wanhalla

Where are the accounts of Māori women in New Zealand’s history of military service? Of the many books published about New Zealand’s military history none are specifically dedicated to the story...

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