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Lena Matewai Ruru: Serving her Community during Wartime.

01 October, 2021 / Angela Wanhalla

Communities relied on women like Lena Ruru (1902-1977, Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki) during the war.

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A Notorious Haystack

04 September, 2021 / Angela Wanhalla

Somewhere in Frankton was a baled haystack that was the subject of several newspaper stories about “alleged immoral behaviour” in April 1944.

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Sister Atawhai, a Methodist deaconess

24 July, 2021 / Sarah Christie

Rīpeka Huingariri Atawhai Wilcox’s (Ngā Puhi) correspondence, held at the Methodist Church Archives in Christchurch, reveal a valuable personal account of wider wartime experiences and the day-to-day adjustments to life...

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Were some Māori disloyal during the war?

27 June, 2021 / Lachy Paterson

After Japan attacked Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941, and moved its forces into South East Asia and the Pacific, New Zealand faced two enemies.

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The Ōrākei Petition, 1943

12 June, 2021 / Angela Wanhalla

It is impossible to comprehend the Māori war effort at home during the Second World War without reference to ongoing actions for historical redress and justice.

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Debates on the place of Māori in the Anglican Church.

04 June, 2021 / Lachy Paterson

Churches are cultural and social spaces as much as they are spiritual ones, and Māori have generally felt more comfortable in congregations where their tikanga, reo and identity have been...

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Community Work in the Anglican Māori Missions

14 May, 2021 / Lachy Paterson

When “missionaries” are mentioned, many New Zealanders would automatically think of New Zealand before the Treaty of Waitangi, or perhaps of later missions in Africa and other foreign places.

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Māori, Industrial Conscription, and the Manpower Appeal Boards

08 May, 2021 / Ross Webb

The regulations for industrial conscription, often called ‘manpowering’, were introduced in early 1942.

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Māori and the Mormon Church during the war

11 April, 2021 / Lachy Paterson

As in a number of faiths active among Māori during the Second World War, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints faced challenges through the war, but nevertheless tried...

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Our Summer Students’ Reports (2020-21)

06 April, 2021 / Maori Home Front

  The summer scholarship students have been one of the most rewarding aspects of the wider Te Hau Kāinga project.

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