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Angela Wanhalla

Te Hau Kāinga Project Team - Angela Wanhalla

Angela Wanhalla (Kāi Tahu) is a professor in the history programme at the University of Otago. Angela was an investigator on a Marsden funded project on relationships of Pasifika and Māori women with US servicemen during the Second World War and has written extensively in the field of Māori-Pākehā interactions.

Her books include In/Visible Sight: The mixed-descent families of southern New Zealand (2009), Matters of the heart: A history of interracial marriage in New Zealand (2013), and He Reo Wāhine: Māori women's voices from the nineteenth century (2017). 

Angela is Te Hau Kainga project leader on how wartime service impacted on gender and labour relations in Māori society.

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