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The Agar Petition

07 December, 2020 / Angela Wanhalla

Agar Seaweed: it boomed as an industry in the war years because it was vital to pharmaceuticals and had a range of other uses, but when Japan entered the war...

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Six new Māori Summer Scholarship projects for Te Hau Kāinga

17 November, 2020 / Maori Home Front

Te Hau Kāinga is super excited about the Māori students undertaking research internships with us this summer.   Last year we had three excellent students.

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Children’s Transit House: the story of a Māori baby

31 October, 2020 / Erica Newman

“Child in home of [foster parent]. Placed by Transit House v[iew] to ad[opt] but child is too dark for them. [Foster mother] wants child removed by weekend if possible.

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The Forgotten Māori Battalion?

24 October, 2020 / Lachy Paterson

The 28 (Maori) Battalion is justly famous for its daring exploits and sacrifices in North Africa and Italy.

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Māori Farmers and the War Effort

17 October, 2020 / Ross Webb

In July 1940, Wiremu Tau Hapa of Ōtangaroa wrote to Prime Minister Peter Fraser offering land and labour for the war effort.

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Embroidered with love and goodwill: The Manutūkē Māori Mothers’ Union

07 October, 2020 / Rosemary Anderson

In recent months there has been a flurry of activity in the fight against Covid-19.

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‘A real war job at last'?

03 September, 2020 / Angela Wanhalla

Angela Wanhalla, one of the primary investigators of the Te Hau Kāinga project, gave a talk at the National Library on 2 September, 2020 on "'A real war job at...

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The Māori Conference of October 1944

22 August, 2020 / Lachy Paterson

In 18-20 October 1944, over 400 delegates from iwi across the country assembled together in the Ngati-Poneke Hall in Wellington.

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The Māori Hostel Movement

16 August, 2020 / Emma Campbell

During the Second World War, many young Māori moved to cities from largely rural areas to work in essential industries.

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Summer Scholarships 2020

11 August, 2020 / Maori Home Front

Are you a Māori university student? Would you like to a do a research project over summer – and get paid for it?  The Te Hau Kāinga: Māori Home Front...

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